Head Country


Head Country

72 Things To Do With A Bottle Of Head Country This Summer

We like to say that a great bottle of BBQ sauce brings people together. For your summer enjoyment, we thought of a few more things a great bottle of BBQ sauce can do—72 of them, to be exact, one for every Head Country birthday. Bring this fun list along on your next campout.

Weather forecaster (when dry, sunny; when wet, rain; when missing, windy)
Summer fun anticipation dispenser
Meat tenderizer
Cocktail shaker
Egg scrambler (just add eggs, salt, and pepper, and shake)
Bug repellent (swing or throw bottle as needed)
Friend maker
S’mores stick holder
Bigfoot basher
Time capsule
Moonshine concealer

Tablecloth weight
Maracas (empty bottles, add rocks)
Rock collection
Valuables keeper
Snack safe
Bird feeder
Utensil holder
Friend massager
Yard-bowling pin
Cooler cooler
Romantic letter sender
Treasure-map keeper
Shish-kebab skewer soaker
Kindling depository
Aromatherapy diffuser (some say Head Country smells like home)
Action-figure submarine
Camping light (fill with water, place between you and a light, enjoy the romantic glow)
Boo-boo buster, a.k.a. ice pack
Fingerpaint dispenser (some say our sauces are a work of art)
Telephone (use two empty bottles and add string)
Smartphone stand
Potato masher
Camping string lights
Intruder repellent (swing or throw bottle as needed)
Wildlife (and neighbor) attractor
Flute (gently blow over the top of any gently-used bottle)
Goldfish camper
Kid splasher
Drip catcher
Booby trap (the possibilities are in the eye of the beholder)
Plastic-bag dispenser
Rainwater catcher
Toothbrush keeper
Sunglasses holder
String dispenser
Trail-mix scoop
Cuddle buddy
Shower caddy
Bug keeper
Handwashing station
Lucky talisman
Trail marker
Storyteller designator
Foot washer
Sleeping bag warmer (fill with sun-warmed water and seal tightly)
Battery wrangler
Sacrifice to the god of grills
Pancake-mix dispenser
Picnic basket refrigerant
Post-hike forehead cooler
Negotiation tool/deal sealer
Bottle-stacking game piece
Smile maker