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Paul, I have been a VERY loyal Head Country customer for over ten years now.

I fire up my smoker several times a year and usually smoke a brisket, a few racks of spare ribs and some kielbasa. I have been using hickory for the smoke since my father taught me the "art" 30 years ago. However I would like to venture out and try some other "flavors". What other woods would work with all of these meats in the same smoker and if you could, please explain the differences in the flavors the different woods would produce. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Patrick, Thank you for your loyalty. I like to layer flavors on meats I smoke. Different types of wood do provide different flavors. Regardless of the type of wood, make sure they are always dry or aged for 6-8 months. It is the moisture in the wood that will put a creasote flavor (bitter taste) to the meat. I mainly use pecan wood for smoking, it is mild and allows the Head Country seasoning and bbq sauce to be tasted also. I use this on all cuts of meat. I have used other wood and had good sucess. Pork tastes good with an Apple wood smoke. Chicken is very good with Cherry wood. I have never been a fan of Mesquite wood. It never seems to lose enough moisture to get rid of the bitter taste the smoke leaves behind. I do like a mixture of Pecan/Hickory on beef, especially brisket. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions. Paul

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