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Chipotle Chicken Wings With Spicy Honey Glaze | Best BBQ Sauce Recipes | Head Country Glow Rogue BBQ Cookers

Football Watch Party: Our Winning Chicken Wings Recipes

If you’re hosting a football party—or any kind of watch party, if you ask us—you’d do well to have plenty of chicken wings on hand.

The great news: chicken wings are a cinch to whip up. Simply buy whole wing sections from your local grocer, separate the wing tips from the rest of the wing, and then divide the drummette from the flat part of the wing. We love them baked in the oven (be sure to leave space between the wing sections so the skin can crisp), grilled on the grill, and even fried in the deep-fryer. And we always pair them with our favorite dipping sauces, starting with our line of BBQ sauces and even adding in some ranch and blue-cheese dressing from time to time. Add celery and you have a right-and-proper chicken wing platter.

Whether you’re Team Drums or Team Flats, any one of our favorite wings recipes will be a winner at the next football fete.

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Wings | Chicken Drummettes With Pepper Flakes | Best Spicy Chicken Grilling Recipes

Sweet & Spicy Wings. This recipe is a fan favorite, and it’s no wonder why. With notes of citrus, jerk seasoning, and our Sweet & Spicy seasoning, these wings are the perfect way to add a twist on the traditional wings you love to serve at your football watch parties. Get our recipe for Sweet & Spicy Wings here.

Chipotle Chicken Wings With Spicy Honey Glaze | Best BBQ Sauce Recipes | Head Country Glow Rogue BBQ Cookers

Chipotle Chicken Wings with Spicy Honey Glaze. When a World Champion BBQer tells you how to make a finger-licking batch of chicken wings, you listen. We love how sweet and spicy come together for this take on a party-food classic, making a meal into a celebration with the addition of just a few simple and fun ingredients—including our High Plains Heat Seasoning and our Chipotle BBQ Sauce. Get our recipe for Chipotle Chicken Wings with Spicy Honey Glaze here.

Beer Brined and Barbecued Chicken | Chicken Seasoning And Best BBQ Sauce Recipes

Beer Brined & Barbecued Chicken Wings. Beer and wings go together like tailgating and football. It only makes sense to pair them together in a recipe for game day. Start the night before on these to score a touchdown with your party guests—and you’d never be wrong to double the recipe. Always better safe than sorry. Get our recipe for Beer Brined & Barbecued Chicken Wings here.

3 Ingredient Chicken Wings Recipe | Best BBQ Sauce Recipes | Summer Grilling

3 Ingredient Chicken Wings. Could it get any simpler than 1-2-3? That’s why we love this wings recipe: the shopping list is short, sweet (and spicy), and to the point. Plus, if you mix and match with our BBQ sauces line-up—think Apple Habanero, Chipotle, and Sugar Free—it’s sure to please any and all of your game-day guests. Get our recipe for 3 Ingredient Chicken Wings here.