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I would like your input on cooking on a spit over wood fire

how would you prepair meat? rub with oil? Inject spices? Also about temp ?Hot and fast to seer or slow indirect heat. The type of meat is usually from Sams club in 15Lb. chunk would appereciate suggestions thanks guys. Wade Hoagland Happy cows make good BBQ.

Wade, cooking over a spit is generally more for show then anything. it does make a good show. I would rub with my Head Country All-Purpose Championship Seasoning and then marinade in my Premium Marinade for 1 hour. Save the marinade and laddle over the top of the chunks of meat while cooking. If there is a way to determine the temperature I would cook at 275 for the first 4 hours. Then boost the temp to 300 degrees for the remaining time. Cook until the internal temp gets to 195-200 degrees. This may take 9-10 hours. You can spray apple juice or beef broth over the meat while cooking to keep it moist. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions. Paul

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