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Easter Ham

Difficulty: Easy. Prep time: 5 minutes. Cook Time: 90 minutes. Rest Time: 15 minutes.

BBQ Basics


1 fully cooked bone in spiral ham 8-10 lbs
1 bottle of your Favorite Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce (we love Apple Habanero for this recipe)

Cooking Instructions

1. Preheat smoker to 250°F using your choice of wood.
2. Place ham in foil half pan and smoke uncovered for 1 hour.
3. After an hour, baste the ham in its own juices and over with foil, smoking for another hour until heated through.
4. Remove foil. Baste again with ham juices and press on ham, if needed, to expose more surface area.
5. Glaze with Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce, brushing on top and between layers. Smoke uncovered for an additional 30 minutes to an hour ( check for stickiness of glaze and overall moistness of the ham. Re-baste with juices again if necessary. We like to continue to glaze the ham 2-3 times throughout the last uncovered cook to build up the sticky glazed layer.
6. Remove ham from smoker. Rest 15 minutes before serving.